Review: Vetta Capsule Button Up Midi Dress

I’ve been a fan of VETTA for quite some time, and I have tried several different pieces of theirs. For some reason, I’ve always returned due to struggles with sizing. I have a smaller frame and a larger bust size, so I have a hard time with certain slow fashion brands.

However, I finally found my match-made-in-heaven piece, The Button Up Dress from The Classic Capsule.

It’s a really beautiful and flattering vintage-inspired cut with pockets that work no matter which way you wear it. I got a small, and it fits perfectly everywhere except it pulls slightly near the top button (I’m a 32 DD). If this bothers you, size up! But I can typically solve this problem by wearing a different (sadly less supportive) bra.

I wore this dress for a straight week, but I only had it with the buttons in the back once. Not because it’s not cute, but I just love the front button look so much! It is such a sweet spring and summer going-on-a-picnic look. It’s exciting to think that once I get sick of wearing it this way, I can just turn it around!

The dress is made from 100% tencel, which is sooo soft and lightweight. As summer gets closer, I know I’ll be reaching for it more and more for those super hot days. It also has a cute little tie that I’ve worn as a bow in both the front and the back, but I want to play around with styling my own belts with it as well!

Now let’s talk colors. I am a huge fan of both the blue and black, but since I see myself wearing this dress mostly for the sunnier seasons, I went with the light stripe. Currently, it doesn’t look all that great on my pale skin, but I know that with just a tint of a summer tan, it will make a huge difference. I do wish that they had gone with lighter color options, like pastels, but they try to design their pieces for year-round-wear, so I can’t blame them!

If you’re interested in purchasing the entire Classic Capsule, you can use the code classiccapsule for a great discount! I would love to do this with a future capsule of theirs because I’m amazed by the outfit combination possibilities!

What is your favorite piece from their new capsule? Could you see yourself wearing this dress this spring and summer?

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