Equestrian-Inspired Leather Belts By Blake Goods


I’m a “quality over quantity” person, but when it comes to Blake Goods, I absolutely prefer both. When I first checked out their stunning and simple website, I was convinced that the Center Bar Belt in Jet was my favorite without QUESTION; however, after receiving it, loving it, and doing some more online admiring, I think each of the four gorgeous belts could live a very happy life in my closet. :)

Jessie, owner of Blake Goods, draws on a childhood spent amongst horses in her design. I also grew up horseback riding (shoutout to my horse girls!) and share her appreciation of sturdy yet buttery leather. It’s clear that these belts - unlike the cheap plastic ones I was used to wearing - are built to last (and will age well doing it).

All of Blake Goods products are sourced, manufactured, and tanned in the US, just a short trip from Jessie’s home in Brooklyn. In fact, the leather is from Wickett & Craig, one of the last two tanneries in America still using the old world, environmentally friendly vegetable tanning process. I hope that we will soon see Jessie expand her product line of leather goods through this partnership.

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More information about the sustainability of these products can be found on on their website, but I’ve included some notes here as well:

90% of the world's commercially made leather is "chrome tanned," which quickly & inexpensively tans a raw hide into leather using a mix of chemicals including chromium. A major byproduct of chrome tanning is toxic wastewater with a detrimental environmental impact, especially in the developing countries where chemical tanneries are often located…Veg tanning is an eco-friendly, old world tanning method that transforms hide to leather in a process that can take six to eight weeks per hide. This slow, natural tanning process can only be done by skilled workers and results in leather known for unmatched durability and beauty. Once tanned, the leather goes through a finishing process to become bridle leather. It is deeply dyed in drums and "stuffed" with waxes and oils to create a leather that is smooth, flexible and durable with a flawless, even surface.

Explains why it’s so difficult to find high quality belts that don’t cost a fortune!

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Finding my size could not have been easier. I was traveling and didn’t have a measuring tape, so I simply took my pant size (27), added four (4), and rounded up to the next even number (32). If you’re like me and typically hate ordering clothes online, I promise, it could NOT be easier! She explains it all here.

Each of the belts are under $100 but definitely look over. And if you order within the next two weeks, Jessie is offering 10% off for my readers with the code Chlo10. I am hoping to snag a Circle Belt myself!

This post is sponsored by Blake Goods, but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions!