Review: Nisolo Isla Slides and Ecuador Huaraches

nisolo mariella mule review

For our trip to Arizona, I brought three pairs of shoes, and they were all by one of my favorite ethical brands, Nisolo.  

We didn't take many outfit pictures because we were in full-on relaxation mode (and I basically wore my linen pants the whole time!), but I somehow always find time to take a good #ShoeSelfie!

Pair #1: My Isla Slides in Sand

I wore this pair for the majority of the weekend. You might have noticed that I've been wearing them quite a bit on my Instagram lately because I was trying to break them in. However, when I'm at home, I usually wear my Nikes for long walks and my other shoes don't get that much action other than minimal every day wear to coffee shops or the grocery store. That said, I thought I'd broken these in prior to the trip, but I was sadly mistaken! 

On our first day there, we took a long walk around our hotel, and by the end I had a horrifying blister. I would recommend sizing up in these sandals because they don't have much give if you have wide feet.  I got my usual size, a 7, and the more I wear them, the better they feel, but it wasn't until the end of the weekend that they were much more comfortable (Yep, I wore them again even after they caused me pain. Am I crazy? Yes. Are they adorable?! Yes!!!)

Back when I lived in Santa Barbara, my friends would always make fun of me because I never wore sandals. I just think they are so ugly. So when I saw this pair, I jumped at the chance to have beautiful, practical summer shoes (thanks to Nisolo for gifting them!). 

Just make sure you don't wear them outside until you're absolutely sure they're the size you want! Nisolo sizing can be very tricky. 

Pair #2: My Ecuador Huraches in Almond

I snagged these back in January during an amazing sale. I think they were $30! I had a similar pair from Urban Outfitters that I loved wearing, but they killed my feet. 

These also had a killer break-in period. Thankfully, because it was the dead of winter, I only wore them inside until I realized that I needed to size up. I now have a 7.5, and they still took a while to get comfy. 

When you purchase high quality shoes from a brand like Nisolo, they might not feel good right away, but it pays off in the long run. All of my other shoes from Nisolo (my Mariellas, my Lana Boots, and my Chelsea Heeled Boots) were painful at first and are now the pairs I reach for the most. 

These Huraches were fun to wear to switch things up but still keep my look relaxed and casual. I brought quite a few outfits (but still far less than I used to before I had a capsule wardrobe!) and mostly lived in my bathing suit and linen pants. No shocker there!

Pair #3: My Mariella Mules

I wrote a review for these back in the fall, which you can read HERE. I think these are my favorite Nisolos because they're so casual yet elegant. I love how versatile the color is and how they go with everything. I wore these to a fancy work dinner, but otherwise they stayed in my suitcase. I was so excited for the summer weather and an excuse to wear my slides and huaraches, neither of which have gotten much action so far this year. 

So there you have it! I'm sure you'll be seeing much more of the three of these over the next few months. 

Do you have your eye on any of the summer styles from Nisolo

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