At the end of June, I shared with you that I got a NEW JOB!

Aaron + Me, ready to take on the world. Or so we thought ;)

Aaron + Me, ready to take on the world. Or so we thought ;)

For those of you who are new around here, you might not know my rollercoaster career history. I’ll try to get all the important details over the last six years jammed in this short post, so bear with me. It might get a little crazy. 

First of all, I want to share all of this because social media makes it easy to believe that everyone has it together and knows exactly what they want to do. In the past, this has been really painful and challenging for me. It takes time and hard work to forge your own path towards building the life you want. If you’re at the beginning of that journey, trust that the working and waiting will pay off. :) 

After graduating college, I taught middle school Humanities for three years -- that’s English, history, and Latin. Funny story… I didn’t know Latin. 

ENGAGED! I was teaching and starting to wonder what would be next for me…

ENGAGED! I was teaching and starting to wonder what would be next for me…

To say that my career trajectory has been an adventure would be an understatement. In a few short years I went from being obsessed with knowing what I wanted to do to accepting that I’m happiest when I don’t think too far ahead and focus on what I’m loving right in front of me.

Halfway through my third year of teaching (and about a month into marriage) I decided to quit my teaching job with no back up plan. I’m a PLANNER, so I really don’t know what got into me other than that little voice in my head that I’ve slowly learned to trust.

There’s a whole other story here about my husband also quitting his job at the same time, applying to one grad school, and finding out he was accepted only four weeks before we moved… But, as I said, that’s another story that we’re both still recovering from. :)

Anywho -- Through a whirlwind of events, I found myself in the software industry, working mostly in recruiting and later moving into an HR role. I knew it was along the lines of where I wanted to go next, but I wasn’t sure where it would take me.

Fast forward to last July when I started an Instagram account to sell my old clothes. I was so tired of my closet and wanted to see if I could make a couple of bucks. Within a month I discovered the world of slow fashion and by September I’d started sharing my own outfit photos! 

I’ve grown a lot in the past year, and I don’t mean my Instagram followers. Creating this blog has transformed my confidence and helped me learn what I love doing (and what I don’t!).

I was balancing my personal life, blogging, and my career all at once. I wanted to make my blog the best it could be, and I didn’t have a lot of time to commit to doing that. The lovely Jess (of JessWithLess) gave me about a million tips, and one that stood out right away was “USE TAILWIND TO MARKET ON PINTEREST.”

At the time, I didn’t really use Pinterest other than when I was planning a project. I would spend all the time I had writing, editing, and formatting a blog post, only to have 1% of whoever happened to see my Instagram story that day read it. The Instagram algorithm is unpredictable, and it didn’t seem realistic to put all that effort into writing a post when I wasn’t sure who would see it. 

Over a year before I started Chlo & Clothes. Aaron was clearly onto something!

Over a year before I started Chlo & Clothes. Aaron was clearly onto something!

So… I decided to test out her brilliant ideas. I got a Tailwind Free Trial, and my Pinterest growth exploded. My affiliate commission increased because I had more people heading to my website from Pinterest, and I was increasing my blog traffic without constantly advertising on Instagram!

Even though this blog is a hobby, it is a lot of work. I spend time on it every day -- sometimes five minutes, sometimes hours, and it feels really good to get compensated for my work. Yes, it’s fun and exciting. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t. But I’m currently the primary income for my family, and every dollar counts!

I say that not to defend myself (even though it sounds like I am!), but because I want to be transparent about my goals. I think it is awesome to be an entrepreneur and find success blogging or starting a small business. Which brings me to my BIG REALIZATION.

I loved software. I loved technology. I loved blogging. I loved social media. And sure, I didn’t love EVERY element of all of these things, but I knew there was something there that I needed to follow. I found myself constantly sharing everything I was learning about blogging, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tailwind to friends and family members who were trying to follow their dreams, and I felt so energized teaching them how to find success. 

So, one day when I was scheduling Pins on Tailwind, I thought to myself… I wonder if they’re hiring.

I applied expecting nothing in return. Not because I wasn’t qualified, but because who applies to a dream company and actually gets it?!

But it turned out to be a great fit for both for us, and I am SO excited share that I am officially on the Tailwind team. Every single day, I’m helping bloggers, small business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs learn how to use our platform to grow their businesses. Marketing can be so scary -- especially when you’re marketing yourself or your passion! I’ve found it so meaningful to support these people in their exciting endeavors! 

I HIGHLY recommend checking out Tailwind if sounds like it could be a good fit for your marketing needs. I like to think of Tailwind as a machine that multiplies my work. If I invest an hour Tailwind, I see results for weeks, and the more I do this, the more that I learn and grow!

You can try out Tailwind FOR FREE and get a $15 credit if you decide to upgrade to the Plus Plan using this link:

Do you have any questions about Tailwind? Email them to me or leave them in the comments below, and I’d be happy to answer them all in detail in a future blog post!

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