What I'm Loving From Madewell

I am a weird shopper.

I’ll buy nothing for a month or two and then suddenly wake up one day knowing exactly what I want!

Well, that happened recently, and I’m SO excited to share my most recent purchases. I will share another blog post reviewing each piece as soon as they arrive.

I purchased the first item using Stylust, and if you’ve never tried it, you can get $25 off your first purchase (from any online store) with the code CD123. A great way to save $25 bucks!

The Clara Clog Sandal

The moment I saw these clogs, I knew they would be mine. I’m surprised how quickly I got them though because I usually sit on my purchases for a long time before I pull the trigger.

They come in several different colors, but I’ve really been loving this pinky-lavender lately. I am so excited to style them all summer!

Emmett Wide-Leg Crop Jeans in Langston Wash

When Everlane announced their limited edition denim drop, I wasn’t really interested. They didn’t seem like my style. However, the more I thought about them, the more I thought they’d be fun to try. And then… they disappeared.

But then I saw these jean Emmett pants, I started getting heart eyes. Aren’t they pretty?

This wash feels very casual and summery, and it’s a style I’ve never really experimented with before so I’m super excited to try them!

Thankfully, I am pretty confident in my size at Madewell, and I can return in person, so it’s not too risky.

Bedtime Pajama Top in Rainbow Stripes & Bedtime Pajama Shorts in Rainbow Stripes

I have been wanting cozy PJ’s FOREVER. And do you remember a recent blog post where I almost bought the Rainbow Emmett Pants from Madewell?

Well, I didn’t end up getting them, but I didn’t lose my excitement over the rainbow stripe trend either. I’ve been trying to make my evenings and mornings a little more special and relaxing, so I’m excited to have these PJ’s to look forward to at the end of a long day!

(Plus they were 20% off with the code Enjoy20)

Knotted Headband

I’m a huge fan of hair accessories, but I’m realizing how difficult it can be to style some of my favorite ascots and scarves in my hair. When I saw this headband I freaked because 1) GINGHAM and 2) I am all about anything that requires minimal effort. I’m so excited about this piece and have my eye on a few of the other patterns.

Gingham Tie-Back Baseball Cap

Look familiar?! Yesterday I went through my hats and realized that I hate the way they all fit! This one is much bigger, cozier, and more flattering with my face shape. Definitely going to be a go-to all summer long!

Anddd, I snagged this one for 20% using the code Enjoy20.

Can’t wait to let you know how everything works! What are you most looking forward to seeing me style?

Thanks for shopping via my affiliate links on this page and throughout my site. I receive compensation when you do and use it to keep creating content that I hope you love!

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