Casual Summer with LA Relaxed

I’ve been wearing LA Relaxed pieces all summer, and I’m excited to finally share exactly which ones I love and why I love them!

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This post is sponsored by LA Relaxed, but - as always - all opinions are entirely my own!

The first thing you should know about LA Relaxed is that whenever I’m wearing something by them, my friends or Aaron ALWAYS, without fail, go, “That is SOOO soft!”

And it’s true! Everything is made from the coziest fabric. 

Other than their softness factor, the pieces are flattering, cute, and ethically made! LA Relaxed maintains a holistic view on sustainability that includes human kindness, while creating clothing that takes as little as possible away from our planet. They really want to create a movement towards sustainable fashion and promote sustainable and ethical practices within the industry!

In a fashion-capital like Los Angeles, I’m so happy there are companies paving the way when it would be so much easier to cut corners and increase margin.

The first piece I’m loving from LA Relaxed is the Boardwalk Dress in Navy Stripe. This has become my summer travel dress of choice, as well as the only thing I want on my body when it’s 100 degrees and I have to run an errand. It is soft and lightweight, keeping me cool and comfortable if I have a sunburn, 10,000 bug bites, or if the humidity is just getting to me. 

If I still lived by the beach, this would absolutely be a go-to. I’d wear it after a long day of swimming to grab some tacos.

Basically, it’s perfect.

I also love that it’s slightly longer in the back because it makes me feel more comfortable without being too covered up.

Their Midi Dress in Cranberry Stripe is also a winner. I work from home, so I’m always looking for pieces that make me feel dressed up without wearing something uncomfortable if I’m going to be sitting in my office most of the day.

This one is great for that, but I’d also happily wear it out. Plus it’s the softest of all the pieces I have in my opinion!

I’ve been talking about the importance of having cute pj’s and loungewear for a while now, and as someone who spends most of her time at home, I am guilty of throwing on old t-shirts with unflattering sweatpants too many times.

I’m also guilty of wearing workout clothes just to sit at home. I’ve found that I’m most motivated when I wear clothes appropriate for the occasion. Even if that means being motivated to watch Brooklyn 99 with Aaron. :)

That said, I’ve been loving their Chateau Pajama Pants and Top! They are both incredibly lightweight but still sturdy, and somehow they are going to work for summer and winter.

I also have the Daily Crewneck Shirt, which blurs the line between loungewear and day-wear because depending on how I style it, it works for both (paired here with their Journey Sweatpant in Charcoal).

It can be difficult to find ethical intimates and pj’s, so I’m glad to be working with LA Relaxed, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about them or any of their pieces!

Don’t forget, you can get 15% off your entire order with the code CHLO15 :)

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