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When I purged my closet in August, I quickly realized that my biggest wardrobe gap was shoes. However, shoes that last are not cheap. I knew it would be a while before I could pull the trigger on anything, and I also wanted to think about the decision for some time to make sure I’d properly made up my mind.

In September, I added the Heeled Chelsea Boots in Brandy to my cart and let them sit there. I had my eye on the Sand Mariellas as well, but I figured I’d wait until after winter to consider that purchase further.

One morning I noticed that The Skimm had included a 30% off code that would save me over $100 if I got both! Nisolo has some great sales, so I highly recommend deciding what you want in advance and keeping an eye out for those discounts. I was really glad I waited!

Heeled Chelsea Boots (Brandy)

I initially purchased a 7.5, even though my true size is a 7. I’ve had issues with Nisolo sizing in the past, and I wanted to make sure I had lots of room. I really hate when my toes feel cramped at all. Long story short - I ended up swapping for a pair in size 7. They fit much better, but I’m still curious how a 6.5 would fit because I definitely have some extra room. I learned that when the shoes have a heel, it’s more important to make sure they fit perfectly. I mostly wear flats, so this is new territory for me. I am going to try adding some inserts for additional comfort and see how that helps. Overall, I am in love with these and have no regrets!

Mariella Mules (Sand)

I learned a lot from Paige’s review of her Mariellas. I was debating between Sand and Brandy, and she mentioned that she thought the Sand would probably scuff less, which I’m finding to be true. How funny that the lighter color is actually less dangerous! I got these in a 7.5, and they fit like a glove (although Paige got her true size and they fit her well - odd). Nisolo makes beautiful shoes, but their sizing can be so strange. It definitely took a couple of days for these to mold to my feet, but I’m very happy with them now! Again - In love and have no regrets.

Please comment below or DM me on instagram if you have any questions. Happy to help!