#ColorMyCloset: Winter 2019

Wow. After all of that posting and reposting, I really needed a break from the blog. The #ColorMyCloset challenge was so fun but so exhausting! Thankfully, I’ve finally recovered and am ready to recap.

I started this challenge as a fun little way to be more creative with my wardrobe - I never expected to learn so much, and I certainly NEVER expected so many people to join me!

I definitely N E V E R thought anyone would want to do it again so soon, but I’m very excited for the much-anticipated summer version coming in August. I hope you’ll join!

For those of you who might be new around here, the #ColorMyCloset challenge is a way to inspire people to be more creative with their closets and restyle pieces that they might be neglecting. It’s a nine day challenge that highlights one color a day and includes pink, red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, and brown.

You can follow along on the @ColoringOurClosets IG account and #ColorMyCloset IG tag.

I had so much fun styling my looks for #ColorMyCloset. Here are nine lessons I learned during this nine day challenge:

1. It’s all about the shade.

I realized that even though I love all the colors, there are certainly shades I stay away from. I love bright warm colors (pink, red, orange), but I prefer more muted/understated cool colors (olive for green, navy for blue, and lavender for purple). And I’m not into neon (at least currently!).

2. You can love a color even if you don’t love wearing it.

Even though my house is full of so many different shades of blue, I don’t love wearing blue all that much (apart from denim). I’ve been trying to differentiate between colors I like and colors I like to wear.

3. The more I wear color, the more I love neutrals!

After #ColorMyCloset ended, I started grabbing for black right away! I needed to clear my color palette. Now I’m noticing that I’m less focused on colors and more on patterns. I’m currently drawn to floral prints. I know, florals for spring — groundbreaking.

4. More people want to wear color than you’d think.

But people don’t always know how to. Personally, I like to have staples that go well with a variety of my colorful pieces. Good jeans, neutral shoes, and wardrobe favorites (like my Babaa!) can work with anything.

5. You guys LOVE my orange pants.

When I first bought those, I thought they’d be more *rust* — a la Noelle’s pants army (if you know you know). However, I’m constantly amazed by how many of you love when I wear those! I do think I’d wear them more in another color, but your passion for them is what keeps me trying to style them in new ways. :)

6. Color is universal.

I was so proud to see people that looked just like me and nothing like me participating in the challenge. I think it’s important to connect with people who are different than us, and it was exciting to see color as a medium for that!

7. Pure white and true black look amazing with almost every color.

I relied HEAVILY on my white Everlane Day Gloves. I love how colors can make white POP. I also love throwing in something colorful with an all-black outfit. So chic!

8. I adore pink.

I might be going through a phase, but pink is EVERYWHERE in my house and closet. I can’t get enough!

9. I don’t do color “rules.”

When I first tried pairing down my wardrobe, I was convinced I needed to pick certain colors, and I decided that blue would be a major player in my closet. Funny enough, the blue days were some of my least favorites! Now I am focused on finding colorful pieces that I love and trusting that I’m learning enough about myself to know what I will actually wear. I have more color now than ever and my wardrobe is the smallest it’s ever been!

Check out all my looks below and leave a comment with your favorite!

#ColorMyCloset Day Two: Red 🌹🍷🌶️🍎👠💄💃💋🚨🦞 Wow!!! The love for this challenge is blowing my mind. Make sure you're checking out all of the amazing outfits over on @coloringourclosets. ♥️ So when I was planning this challenge, I realized I only had ONE red shirt. I was so confused because I've said for YEARS that red is my favorite color. But I have no red in my house or closet?! I'm always drawn to red things but never end up getting them. Well, that was about to change! It all started with these amazing red shoes from @everlane that I purchased through @stylust. It's such an easy way to online shop, even if you don't know where something is from! I wrote more about this in my most recent blog post (link in bio) and you can use my code (CD123) for $25 off your first online purchase using Stylust to shop (on any of your favorite sites)! ♥️ Anyways, once I got the shoes, I kind of went a little wild. 😹 This beret was on sale at Anthropologie, and I had been wanting another after loving my yellow one so much! Then I saw this heart bandana at Madewell. And this amazing vintage jacket from @aceandthings. All that to say, ALL of my recent purchases have been red. I'm not sure what has held me back from adding red to my closet, but I'm excited to find a million ways to style each of these pieces! And of course, red looks amazing with my favorite black top from @fallowfieldsclothing and this black skirt I've had forever!! ♥️ I've always loved Valentine's Day more for the treats and cuteness than anything else. I hope you can find joy today no matter how you celebrate! #EverlaneWomen #Everlane #EverydayMadewell #Madewell