The Best of Everlane: My Favorite Picks

I wear a lot of Everlane on my IG, and I’m always getting asked about my favorite pieces. Below you’ll find my most worn items and a mini review of each. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments!

The Everlane Linen Jumpsuit in Red

THIS JUMPSUIT IS LIFE. For $88, I don’t know a better deal out there. My linen pants that I love were twice this price. I got a 6, and I’m usually a 4 or a 6, but I wanted it to be roomy. It’s super comfortable and a great fit. I usually have to be careful finding jumpsuits that will fit my bust and hips but not look like a bag!

everlane linen jumpsuit

Everlane Linen Jumpsuit

Size 6

I wore it in DC and was comfortable the whole day, even in the humidity and summer heat. I think actually covering my legs with this linen was MORE comfortable than it would have been wearing a dress or shorts.

This is my number one recommendation from Everlane. I bought it myself and am considering buying it in black for the fall! The tie is not connected to the jumpsuit, but I can’t imagine wearing the jumpsuit without it.

I’m 5'7, and I wish it was a tad longer on me, but it’s still great, and perfect for you petite ladies!


The Everlane Day Glove in White

Shortly before I bought these, I thought I was over this shape of shoe. I wore lots of flats like this in high school (in fact, I had this one pair from Target in about five colors). However, I kept seeing these all over Instagram and started crushing on them…

everlane day glove

The Day Glove

Size 7

I sized down (which was recommended by a few bloggers) and then ended up exchanging them for my true size - They’re perfect now. There is a killer break-in period (wear bandaids!) and then another one about a week later when you think you’ve worn them in (you haven’t!).

When I look back now, I realize that I wasn’t “over” this style of flats. Really, I was tired of toe cleavage and my shoes slipping off the backs or sides of my feet. It’s rare to find the perfect pair (these!) of a shoe this shape, and anything sub-par is not worth it.

While I would love to have every single color, I’m happy with my white pair for now. They go with everything and make my casual outfits feel elevated and elegant. It’s amazing how a pair of Day Gloves can work with nearly every person’s style!

The Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny in Black

Oh, look. My Day Gloves making another appearance. But this next tribute is to my perfect black jeans, which have been my go-to pants of choice for several months now. I really love the ultra high-waist as well as how they keep their stretch.

everlane authentic stretch high rise skinny

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny

Size 27

While I like the wide-leg shape on others (and sometimes myself!), I feel like I will always be a skinny jeans gal through and through. Trends will come and go, but everyone needs a perfect pair of black jeans, and these are it for me! I’m wearing a 27.

The Air Oversized Crew Tee in White

Who doesn’t always need a basic white tee shirt?! Especially for these warmer months. While this one looks great thrown on with literally anything or tucked into a comfy pair of jeans, my favorite way to style it is by tying a little knot in the front. I’ve found that most cotton shirts get ruined when you do this, but this one has bounced back every time!

the air oversized crew tee

The Air Oversized Crew Tee

Size Small

Somehow this shirt ended up in my husband’s drawer post-laundry, and I literally ripped our house apart to find it. That’s when you know you’re in love!

I’m wearing a small here, and I’d love to also get an XS so I can switch between them depending on the look I’m going for. I’d say it runs a tad large!

LRM_EXPORT_8870959761313_20190317_223326189 copy.jpg

everlane wide leg chino pale blue

The Wide Leg Chino In Pale Blue

These are a new addition to my collection, gifted by Everlane, which is so fun because otherwise I never would have tried them! I’m already late to the wide leg pants game, and I’ve never owned chinos!

everlane wide leg chino review

The Wide Leg Chino

Size 6

Here’s what I love about this specific pair: They are SO light-weight and perfect for spring and summer days, they don’t bunch up or have too much fabric, and they are an amazing office-appropriate replacement for light-wash jeans (in fact, when I was styling them, I replicated several of my favorite outfits that I wear with my Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans. The Pale Blue color maintains the same look you’re going for but elevates it to more of a tailored and professional feel.).

I will say that I had to size up to get these over my hips! I started with a 2, which is the recommendation for the equivalent size 27 in their jeans. However, there isn’t much stretch to these. I ended up with a 6, which I like a lot better. These also keep their shape very well, which allows me to wear them multiple days in a row!

The Cotton Long-Sleeve Crew

I’ve actually referenced this sweater as my number one wardrobe hero in a previous blog post — I’ve been obsessed for a while now! It is just the perfect black sweater, and I’m convinced everyone needs one! It works over dresses, tucked into skirts and high-waisted jeans, and layered over collared shirts.


The Cotton Long-Sleeve Crew

Size Small

My one complaint is I wish that Everlane offered it in a true black. They currently only have it in washed black, which is not my favorite. But, thankfully, it doesn’t look faded. It’s only noticeable when you hold it up to something that is truly black!

Even though this sweater is at the bottom of this list, I think it might be my most practical Everlane piece.

cotton long sleeve crew

everlane day heels pale pink

The Day Heel in Pale Rose

These are only at the bottom of this list because I’m not much of a heels girl… but when I do wear heels, these are the ones I reach for! These were gifted by Everlane, and I’m so glad, because just like the chinos, I wouldn’t have tried them otherwise.

the day heel

The Day Heel

Size 7

They just don’t look comfortable! At ALL. So there is no way they could be, right!?!?

Oh, how wrong I was. These are not only my most comfortable heels, but they are some of my most comfortable shoes in general! And the shape allows them to bring a level of sophistication to an outfit without making it too formal, while also making a different look seem totally professional! I love the Pale Rose, but I also want them in black too! They are on my list.

Okay, if these are my favorites, that means they are my A+ players, but I still have quite a few other Everlane pieces that I adore as well! I’ll include the links below in case you have any questions about these pieces. Just because they didn’t make my Best Of list doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic!

Thanks for shopping via my affiliate links on this page and throughout my site. I receive compensation when you do and use it to keep creating content that I hope you love!

the tank bra everlane

Size Medium

the cocoon coat everlane

The Cocoon Coat

Size Four

the v slingback

The V Slingback

Size 7

slim classic french terry crew everlane

The Slim Classic French Terry Crew

Size Small

the long sleeve box cut tee

The Long Sleeve Box Cut Tee

Size Small


The Square Mockneck Tee

Size Small