Review: Baloo Weighted Blanket

EEK! I have been SO excited to share my review of my Baloo weighted blanket, but I wanted to give it a couple weeks first. Here’s the short version: I love it more and more every day!

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What is a weighted blanket?!

Weighted blankets were first used as therapy tools, particularly for children with autism, anxiety, or PTSD. They proved to provide comfort and relief for patients, which led to their popularization.

I’m one of those people that needs to feel VERY cozy when I sleep (okay - at all times) and love piling on the covers before bed. However, when I learned that weighted blankets can help with anxiety, I was intrigued. This year has been rather stressful, and I’ve been coping with anxiety more than usual. I was so curious if a weighted blanket could really help.

I decided to ask the lovely Elizabeth at Baloo, who was not only fully confident in weighted blankets but also the incredible quality of Baloo products. They use premium cotton, and their blankets are SO soft. I was initially going to use a duvet cover with mine, but now I’m not sure I even need it. (If I do decide to get one, it’ll be purely for aesthetics so that it matches my house!)

I’ve had the blanket for two weeks and use it every single day and night. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

My deep sleep has improved a LOT.

I sleep with a FitBit and track my sleep religiously. I used to struggle to get even an hour of deep sleep, even if I slept 8+ hours in a single night. With my weighted blanket, I’ve been averaging between 1:30-2 hours of deep sleep daily! Weighted blankets help your body release melatonin, decreasing insomnia and improving sleep quality.

It is a great anxiety-managing tool.

I don’t expect my anxiety to ever just disappear. It’s something I’ve dealt with most of my life, but I’m always looking for new ways to manage it! I have noticed that taking a few minutes to breathe and calm down with my Baloo blanket actually really helps throughout the day. It feels like a big hug!

All my friends LOVE it.

Aaron and I host Bachelor and Bachelorette nights (yes, the reality TV show. Take your judgement elsewhere), and lately people have been fighting over this thing on Tuesday nights (no, we don’t have cable. Just Hulu.).

At first, people are usually intimidated by the idea of a weighted blanket, but once they’re all cuddled up, they’re like, “Hey… this is actually pretty great!” It’s so interesting how heavy it is when you’re holding it (or lugging it up and down the stairs like I do several times a day — I need two!) versus when it’s on top of you. Totally different experiences!

Also, speaking of sharing with friends, Baloo provides a giveback to Pajama Program for each review or mention on social media. This is an amazing grassroots nonprofit that offers children in vulnerable situations (for example, homeless shelters or foster care) a new book and a pair of pajamas to help create a reassuring bedtime routine. So basically, go get a Baloo blanket and then tell everyone about it!

Baloo gifted me this blanket, and if you’re interested in purchasing one yourself you can use my code CHLOE for 10% off your purchase on (US customers only, but you can still purchase from Amazon if you live in Canada or the UK!).

Any questions about weighted blankets? Let me know in the comments!

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